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3 Tips for Getting Enough Vitamin D Despite Geography

These days the world is so globalized, it is hard to adhere to typical evolutionary patterns. For example, people who are fair skinned rarely live only in the northern regions of the world. Because of this, there are plenty of people who are light skinned who end up in parts of the tropical world where they need to get more skin protection. Conversely, there are plenty of people in northern climates where the sunlight is not strong who are missing out on vitamin D.

When it comes to getting enough vitamin D, there are a few different things that you can do no matter what your geography is:

  1. Get dairy products – a lot of dairy products like yogurt and milk (especially higher fat milk) have a lot of vitamin D. even though the companies who are making the milk are starting to tout this as an advantage, you just want to get some basic milk that has fat in it.
  2. Fish and eggs – if you feel like dairy isn’t a good idea for your own personal reasons, sometimes it is good to try fish and eggs. Both of these ingredients are healthy in more ways than one, but particularly for the purpose of getting vitamin D. You may not consider these good sources of vitamin D, but in fact they are.
  3. Supplementation – when all else fails and you don’t feel like
    eating dairy or fish / eggs, then it is supplementation time. Some vegans especially can’t get enough vitamin D when they are not in the sunlight because their food options are severely limited. This means that a basic supplement with vitamin D can be very effective. Best of all, it is an affordable option if you are vegan.Vitamin D

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