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Can Bacopa Monnieri Be Used for Children?

Children have a very sensitive brain and having nootropics for improved brain health is a risky behavior that most parents do not feel comfortable engaging in. Because there is some tendency to be overprotective with children, many people don’t think that they can give anything to kids. This couldn’t be more far from the truth, but it is important to take things with caution and be conservative when giving children smart drugs.

 One good option is bacopa monnieri, which is a natural herb that has been used in India for several thousands of years. There are millions of people India who have been using bacopa for many years, but how about children and the scientific evidence? It looks like from an anecdotal perspective, you should be okay. Children in India are fed bacopa monnieri as part of their routine at a very young age in many parts of the country. Bacopa monnieri is given in doses of 300 mg of dry leaves and it seems to work well for children.


 However, looking at the studies shows that there is less strong evidence for the practice of taking bacopa as a child. The evidence comes from studies where there are a lot of confounding variables. It seems that many of the subjects in the studies were not properly segmented through the use of bacopa and other ingredients. Either way, the evidence in scientific literature proves relatively inconclusive.

The good thing is that bacopa is an all natural herb with few side effects or risks. Especially if you are giving your child the dry leaves and not the extract, you are probably going to have a lot better time and avoid any drawbacks or risks, which might be associated with your children and their health.

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