Memory is a Beautiful Thing: Piracetam and Memory Formation

There are several ways to improve your memory if Josh Waitzkin is to be believed. He is a memory champion and largely considered a prodigy for chess and many other things. He is great at anything memory related, but sometimes brain training games can only take you so far. Or more realistically, sometimes we all want an easier route to a great memory.

For many people, this easy route is nootropics or smart drugs. These drugs are cognitive enhancing compounds that can have an effect on your abilities and with memory, piracetam (and the whole family of drugs) are some of the most helpful.

Piracetam and Memory Formation

Starting a regimen with piracetam has been shown to vastly improve memory formation due to the interactions within the brain. These are often through parts of the brain called the hippocampus where memories are formed. Once you have taken piracetam for a period of time, the effects will start to come on.

Many people consider piracetam the birthplace of nootropics and it is no wonder so many people are using it for enhanced memory. The piracetam smart drug is definitely one of the best for improving your cognitive abilities so keep that in mind before you make any other purchases.

Another important thing to consider is that noopept is considered to be 1000 times stronger than piracetam. This is a drug that has a lot of potential, which is why it is still prescribed to people who are living in Russia and suffering from a loss of memory.

Are There Side Effects with Piracetam?

Everyone who has experience with piracetam is concerned at some point or another with the side effects. Most of the time, this is nothing to worry about if you are putting the right doses into your body at the right time. There will always be risks, but with piracetam you have a lot fewer than many of the other products on the market.

If you have any problems with piracetam, it might be because you need more acetylcholine, which you can get through a choline supplement.

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